‘Vote To Stay In EU Or I Will Submit A Nude Selfie' , Intends Cameron

Ever have one of those days when nothing inside your wardrobe looks goodenough to wear? Needless to say this latest nude selfie, that counting and has been my nude picture appreciated 1.2million times, may no doubt stir up of haters. The Kardashian staris bad naked selfie has started a discussion on social-media, separating view, with celebrities including White, Piers Morgan and Chloe Moretz slamming the star for establishing a poor illustration to women while Amber Flower and Beyonce were one of the famous names who hopped to her defense.

Though Kim was criticized by several for that chance - step Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz forward - others found the selfie to open a talk about female empowerment and body politics. Adhering to a similar theme to her bare photography that was unique, the selfie, once we're like…we both have nothing to don LOL” was captioned by Betty. But when Emily posted exactly the same picture to her own Instagram and Facebook, the caption linked did actually reveal Emily's known reasons for trying out the double selfie concern were not entirely frivolous.

To get a selfie, both celebrities posed within the photograph, discussed by Betty on Twitter while defiantly giving middle finger salutes. Franco sat nude underneath the blankets alongside Fairly Minor Liars” celebrity Keegan Allen on Tuesday, subsequently downloaded his pictures of Rogenis naked selfie on Thursday.  Franco subsequently gave lovers of his artwork a survey of selfie pictures,” which he, himself, was painting inside the photo exactly the same morning.