Meetings & Events At Dauphine, Paris, England

The Dauphine stands by metro, shuttle on the edge of the de Boulogne sufficient reason for parking facilities that are good. The Dauphine was designed at the end of Opportunity de l'Impératrice, about the fringe of the de Boulogne, currently called Method Foch, at the start of the past millennium. The Pavillon Dauphine stands about the edge of the de Boulogne, within the vicinity of the major company centres, with easy-access by city, bus with good parking facilities. For almost any occasion, Saint Clair Traiteur acts a high-end and creative gastronomy, that can be designed to your entire receptions.

Eventually, the Pavillon Dauphine offers services on-demand: valet sponsor, parking and coordinator solutions, VIP desk, assistant desk. Uncover the Dauphine, by Saint Clair le Traiteur that used the pavillon dauphine resumption of functions after eight weeks of restoration. At the heart of a wonderful backyard, the Pavillon Saint Clair delivers excellent environment, close to the Champs-Elysées. Le Dauphine Saint Clair has 850 sqm of private or skilled party locations divided in to 4 rooms.

The Pavillon Dauphine was created at the beginning of the past century, at the bottom of Opportunity p l'Impératrice, today referred to as Avenue Foch, about the edge of the Bois Boulogne. The Pavillon Dauphine stands to the fringe of the Bois Boulogne, within the important enterprise centres' area, with comfortable access by metro, bus sufficient reason for parking services that are great. In Le Dauphine, Saint Clair le Traiteur serves for any occasion a high-end and creative gastronomy, that can be used to your entire receptions.